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Why Spray Painting Is Bad For Your Home

Getting your home repainted is one of the best things you can do to revitalize the life of your home. Not only will it make your home feel newer and fresh but often raises the value of your home as well. But, when getting your home painted there are many things to consider one of the biggest is will your home be hand painted or spray painted. We personally never use the spray painting method because of the damage that it can cause to your home down the road.

home with rotten window border

effects of bad painting on a home


Spray painting has become a trendy alternative over traditional hand brushing in the past few years because they can finish jobs FASTER AND CHEAPER. But what ends up happening because they want to get a job done fast is NO QUALITY CONTROL. When they are using spray paint, they have far less control than someone has with a brush.

With spray paint, each layer is very thin which opens your home up to vulnerabilities and will over time show patches of the past color of your home. If they hand painted you would never see the previous color and the home would look very clean from the fullness of the color. But because they used spray paint, your home is now susceptible to the climate and various weather conditions that we experience here in Colorado.


Spray on paint is a great idea if you are looking to do a quick little project. The downside is your paint doesn’t last as long as hand painting. The average home with spray-on paint only lasts 4-5 years before it needs to be repainted. That is why Cline Quality Painting has always used hand-painting because we care about not just the finished product but how it will look 8-12 years from now.

How We Protect Your Home And Make It Beautiful

Below are the general steps we will take on your project. Your situation may vary depending on your needs as outlined in your Proposal.

Superior Preparation Methods:

As in everything, preparation and foundation are the most important elements for long-term success. Cline Quality Painting utilizes this wisdom with proven techniques through our extensive preparation process. As our team thoroughly prepares the surface of your home, they will successfully accomplish the following; scrape and hand-sand loose paint and rough surfaces, re-caulk areas where caulking has previously failed using commercial grade caulking, nail in loose boards and protruding nails, and prime exposed and bare woods with top of the line commercial grade primer. All of our work is done carefully and by hand.

Superior Application Methods:

All of our work is hand brushed and rolled. This allows the paint to be literally forced into the pores and surface of the siding, which results in a much thicker and more durable coat of paint. This method of application is preferred by homeowners 3 to 1 over the high-speed spray techniques commonly used today, since its extremely difficult to achieve a proper seal with the high-speed spray method. Hand brush and roll surpasses industry standards in coverage, longevity, and durability whereas spraying does not. The type of application we use will allow you to enjoy the highest quality finished product, leaving you satisfied for years to come.

Superior Materials:

Cline Quality Painting has found that KWAL AMBASSADOR SERIES 100% ACRYLIC is one of the highest-grade paint on the market that best serves the Colorado customer. This product is specifically designed for the high altitude weather concerns and dry climate that Colorado is known for. Because this paint is 100% acrylic, it allows the paint to expand and contract to accommodate all of these extremes. The Ambassador Series has a satin finish, which reflects high ultra-violet rays. This characteristic keeps the paint from fading, sustaining its intensity for years to come.


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