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Find the answers to your home painting questions below.

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1. What type of paint do you use and why?

We only use the highest quality products when we work on your home. But, if you have personal preferences, then we are always happy to make adjustments.

2. Do you use oil-based paints and what is the primary difference between oil and water-based (acrylic, latex) paints? Benefits?

The short answer: No, we don’t use oil-based paints, we use water-based paints which are known as 100% acrylic these are the highest quality paints available.

Oil-based paints have for the most part removed from the market. A downside to oil-based paints is they often become very brittle as they age, this leads to cracking, peeling, and opens your home to damage from climate exposure. Even worse oil-based paints are filled with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), these may cause harm to your family and friends.

Water-based paints, also known as latex or acrylic paints, have come far and have outperformed their competitors year over year.  With today’s water-based paints you can expect excellent qualities such as:

  • Moisture resistance: Prevents water from getting behind the paint and damaging your home
  • Mildew resistance: Reduces standing water on your walls causing mold on or in your home.
  • Flexibility: It’s more versatile and is great for both indoors and on the side of your house.
  • Colorfastness: It dries very quickly allowing the painting process to go more rapidly. Even better we can quickly clean things up because of it is a water-based product.
  • Block resistance: This is so the paint won’t stick to its self or items that lay on it like books on a painted shelf.

3. What types of eco-friendly paint options to you offer?

We will use low and non-VOC paints upon request.

4. How many coats of paint do you often use?

We always apply thick coats of paint so your home is safe for years to come.

5. What are the different types of paint finishes and how do I choose them for each room?

Paint finish comes in three general categories:
Flat Finish– also known as matte finish
Satin Finish – also known as eggshell finish or low-luster finish
Gloss Finish – also known as semi-gloss finish Read where the best places to use these types of finishes are in your home.

6. Do you have any advice on how to choose the right paint color?

Lighting, architecture, and room decor are three environmental factors to consider when choosing a paint color. An ideal paint color is one that considers the all three elements and provides balance and unity to space.

7. What if I don’t like the color selected, can I change it?

Would it be an additional cost? Yes, it is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility for any color choices, and there is an additional cost for a color change. The additional cost is determined by how much of the job is completed, along with the cost of the additional paint.

8. What is Faux Finish?

It is a decorative painting technique. Faux is a French word meaning false. This painting technique is a way to replicate materials such as marble and wood with paint. There are many forms of decorative paint finishes used for walls and furniture, which include: marbleizing, wood graining, Venetian plaster, color wash, striping or streaking, and rag painting.

9. How quickly can an estimator get to my home?

The waiting time for an estimate is generally within one week. There are times during the year (April, May, and June) that we get many calls and the wait time can reach two weeks.

10. Can you paint the exterior of my home in the winter time? Are there certain times of year or weather conditions that would prohibit any type of service?

The exterior of your home cannot be painted in the winter. The winter season in the Philadelphia area lasts from the beginning of December to mid-April. Temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit are what stop us from painting exteriors.

11. What is the benefit of working with you?

Customer Service. Our success has been based on delivering high-quality painting services with exceptional customer service. We stand behind our work and will work with you to make sure you are happy with the experience and the finished product.

12. How do I prepare my rooms for your visit?

You will need to remove any small items from the tops of shelves and pictures from your wall. We can move the larger items towards the center of the room and properly cover and protect furniture/items.

13. How much will this painting job disrupt my home?

Disruption is kept to a minimum. At the end of each day, our crews will clean the areas we are working in and move tools and paint to a shop area (garage or basement).

14. My room is wallpapered now. How will you handle that?

We will remove wallpaper prior to painting. Before we remove the paper we will test an area to see how the paper was applied. If the wallpaper was not applied properly it may lead to damage to the walls when the paper is removed. Your crew leader will discuss with you other options if this is the case.

15. Can you fix water damage or holes in my walls and if so, how long will it take?

We will fill old holes, fix water damage, and any other repairs will be completed as part of our preparation. The time it takes to repair is in proportion to the amount of damage.

16. Can I trust your employees?

Yes. Our professional custom painters are full-time employees – not subcontractors, which mean each employee is reference checked and a criminal background check is performed.

17. Are you insured?

Yes. For your protection, we offer up to $x million liability.

18. Are you licensed?

We have all required licenses.

19. Can you provide references?

Yes, we can! Many of our customers have worked with us at least twice because they loved our work so much. If you ever need to get ahold of someone we are happy to give you a local reference to call.

We also have excellent 5 star online reviews posted on our website and on BBB, Angie’s List, Google+ and Yelp.

Get $300 Off  The Highest Quality Home Painting Services In All Of Colorado.

Limited Time – Increase The Value Of Your Home With A Fresh Coat Of Paint And $300 Off Coupon When You Choose Us As Your Home Painting Partner.

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