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Top 6 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To DIY Paint

Top Reasons On Why People Should Not DIY Paint

Getting that perfect color on your walls sounds like it’s easy enough, right?  Grab a paintbrush, slap some paint on and call it a day! It’s fun and fast and it’s going to look absolutely incredible, like something out of a movie, right?  Well, the reality is that this is not how it’s going to be. Remember that this magazine that you’re picturing in your head is done by the top professionals with the best tools available, so your place isn’t going to look like that!  Unless, of course, you hire those top professionals. There are a lot of reasons why you really shouldn’t try DIY painting in your home, as fun as it may sound. Let’s take a look.


It can cost a lot of money

When you are painting your home, you need to have all of the right supplies, which is actually a huge list.  That list can become costly, even when shopping on sales, as you want to make sure that you are getting high-quality equipment and products to give you the best overall result.  So, unless you have unlimited funds, this is something to really consider in terms of whether it’s the right option for you and your home as well as your wallet.


It takes time

Much like the financial situation, painting your home properly takes a lot of effort and time.  You’re going to have to clean the walls, fill holes, sand it down, apply a primer, wait for that to dry, and then apply one or two coats (if not more) to the top coat colour.  It’s a lot of work and effort and you are going to have to center your life around the project for several days. If you have a regular life with a job and family commitments, you’ll realize pretty quickly that it’s going to be hard to focus on one project that much.  This is all assuming everything goes perfectly to plan, too, which is often not the case.

Frustration and lack of time often lead to a project half done, or sloppily done, and you need to remember this when planning everything out.  Are you really going to have the time to dedicate to doing it properly on the right timeline?


You might not like the final product

This is a hard point to think about, but it’s important.  Even if you do everything perfectly and it all goes well and the painting itself is done to a high standard, you still may not like it.  Maybe you don’t love that shade after all. Maybe you wished you had gone with a satin finish instead of eggshell. Maybe it just looks wrong in the room.  It doesn’t really matter what the cause is. The fact remains that you’ve done all of this work and spent time and money in it, and you’ve got nothing to show for it – in fact, you’ve got less than nothing, because you’ve spent a lot of the project that will need to redone.

That’s a tough call to make, but it is a reality.  There is no satisfaction guaranteed when you’re looking at painting, and a professional may have been able to steer you towards a better decision or something else that would have made this a better project.  It’s something to think about when you’re making your plans.

The quality will be inferior

As mentioned briefly, when you are looking at DIY projects, the effort and training is going to be equivalent to what you are able to do.  Remember that you are limited in your experience in painting, so you won’t know how to do it properly to get that professional, silky smooth appeal that a true professional the world of painting is going to be able to get in your room of choice.

Even if you take the time to do the best job possible and focus all of your effort, all it takes is one missed corner with the painters tape or a splotch on the white ceiling to really make the entire job look inferior.  That’s the last thing that you want, so DIY really isn’t something to look at seriously unless you have worked in the painting industry as a career. And even then, hiring a professional is still recommended in terms of modern education and knowledge of the hottest styles.

You could hurt yourself

Maybe you’re scoffing at this point, but you need to consider it seriously!  Whether it’s a tumble off the step ladder, you hit someone in the eye with your roller pole, or you injure your shoulder, painting can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Professionals will know how to work around each other as well a work with the painting supplies to make sure that these kinds of injuries don’t occur. If your home improvement job causes you injury that makes you wish you had never started it, it’s a sign that DIY may not be the best option to consider.  It’s one that you need to consider seriously.

There are a lot of choices to make

Often ignored, this is something important to focus on.  When you are painting you need to choose everything from the brand of the crack filler to the specific weight of the paintbrush, to the tint of the primer and more.  There is a lot of choice in painting, and it’s overwhelming. Unless you have the time to carefully research every specific element to painting so that you are well informed and ready to get the job done, you won’t necessarily know that you’re making a bad choice until the job’s done and you’re thinking “Oh, crap…I should have done that instead of this.”  Not the final effect that you’re going to be looking for!

You’ll want to make sure that you are getting guidance that you can trust and rely on to help you know that you are going to get the right materials, instructions, and application that will transform the room in the best possible way.  It can be hard to focus on how this is all going to come together unless you’ve done hundreds of times before like a professional has. So, go with the professional option from the beginning and protect your time, health, investment, and effort.  You want to make sure that your room looks even better than you had imagined it in your head initially, and when you hire a professional company to come in and do it for you, it’s going to give that “wow” effect at the end of it all.

From paint selection to professional recommendations to safety, a professional company is the way to go when you’re looking at painting your property.  You need to seriously look at the potential risks above and make your decision with a calm mind. With all of these highlighted in front of you, it you might be able to see that there’s more to painting than you thought.  We hope that you’ll think about it seriously and make the right call to hire the professionals to do the job properly for your own benefit.

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