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How To Beautifully Decorate Your Home With Family Pictures

How To Beautifully Decorate Your Home With Family Pictures

When you invite people over, you’re inviting them into a home that is as much about your decor scheme as anything else.  After all, a decor scheme is going to make or break a home and all that it can offer. So, make sure that you prepare it properly so that your guests are going to really see the eye-popping effect that you can create.  The key to doing it right? Your family photos. Specifically, the way that you arrange and frame them to work with the rest of your home’s style. There are some really fun ways that you can dress up photos and help them look fantastic as-is.  Take a look at some of the highlights that are waiting for you.

Bring similar photos together:

Without a doubt, your family photos are going to vary.  Whether this is for their content, their age or their attitude, the first thing that you want to do is separate them into categories.  Group old photos together, recent photos, funny photos, school photos, etc. Then, you need to decide whether you want to categorize them together or spread them out intentionally.  In terms of decor, it can work well, either way, just make sure that you take this step seriously.

Take a look at vintage frames:

Once you’ve got your plan designed, you can take a look at the frames that you are using to get it all done.  You’ll want to replace any frames that are broken or damaged. You will also want to make sure that all of the frames that you use are high quality and are going to look great on your wall.  One of the best ways to really make the frames themselves part of your decor scheme, is to look at vintage frames. You’ll be able to dress and doll them up, of course, as required, but you’ll be able to really find some fun shapes and sizes that you just can’t get in modern design options anymore.

Do to antique shops, second-hand shops, anywhere that is going to offer you something that is deliciously out of the ordinary.  This will give you the support to really start playing with the styles. Bring the photos along with you so that you can match them up.  It’ll make sure that you feel really confident in your choice.

Consider matching varying frames in color:

When you are happy with your quality choices, you need to seriously consider the colour that you will be choosing for your frames.  The popular trend is to paint them all black and let the shapes speak for themselves, but you can really do anything that you want. You can make/keep them all natural, distress them, deliberately paint them all unique colors to create a really fun clash…have fun and don’t be afraid to really get in there and customize those frames.  They don’t, under any circumstances, have to match!

Don’t be afraid to bring the whole family in on this, too.  A lot of times multiple opinions can actually help when designing your photos. If you havent painted the room you want to put these photos in yet check out our post on choosing the perfect painting colors for each room. After all we all want a style that talks about who we are and choosing the right colors and design style for your room can help. 

Arrange it on the floor first:

When you’ve got it all sorted out, try it out on the floor, first.  Put the hammer down! It just means that you need to visually and manually arrange it on the floor first.  You can mimic the spacing that you want, or you can do it condensed. This will give you a really good idea of how it’s going to look.  It’ll also raise any red flags that you have, too, such as colour choice or frame design. Arrange it so that it looks absolutely perfect in your eyes and then take a photo.  Actually, take multiple.

Then, and only then, can you arrange it on the wall.  You’ll be glad that you took a photo(s) too, as they will make sure that you replicate it properly.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up:

Maybe you liked it on the floor, but it doesn’t work on the wall.  It happens. If this is the case, just change it up. Move photos around, repaint the frames, replace the frames with other ones, whatever you need to do.  It has to look exactly like you wanted it to so that it will leave the overall impact that you wanted for you as well as your guests.

The design style really does matter:

How you arrange your family photographs really does matter to the overall decor scheme of your home.  You’ll be able to make sure that you do them justice in terms of their care, but you also can make sure that they get the recognition they deserve. You will have a remarkable and customized design that is going to really make your guests love what you’ve done. Plus, you’ll love it to. Your interior decor scheme will be absolutely perfect, and you’ll be on track to really make it all come together properly. 

When you are looking at putting family photos in your already existing home decor scheme, you will be on track for a lot of potential problems.  But, with this in place, you’ll be able to make sure that you minimize those issues as much as possible so that you can really make your home shine in a personal and history-rich way.  From the color of the frames to the design of the frames, to the orientation, you need to really have fun and make this completely your own. It’ll be as impressive as your examples, and you can have an absolute blast in making sure that it’s really everything that you could want for space itself. Getting the spring renovation itch? See how to paint your home like a pro so you get the best results.

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