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How To Choose The Perfect Colors

When deciding to upgrade the exterior home colors with a new coat of paint, it can quickly turn into a numbing brain decision.

Unlike painting the interior of your home, the colors on the exterior of your home often have rules and regulations that you will have to follow because of Home Owners Associations and Various Zoning laws.

Thankfully, even if you are stuck with many rules to follow you can still add the personal touch you want with by following a few simple tricks to choose the colors that best for your home.

Pro Painter Trick #1:

See Whats Around Your Home

Look at everything around you that you cannot change, this is an excellent source of inspiration for the color palette for your home.

A great place to start is with whats around your home, starting here will help you easily 4-5 color ideas to work with. The best places to find fresh ideas for the next colors on your home are the trees, roofing tiles, stonework, and pathways you have around your home.

It may not be as relevant to you if you plan to do a complete renovation, but if you do this right your home will look like it was meant to be in the space.

Pro Painter Trick #2:

Use Social Platforms (Instagram & Pinterest)

With today’s technology, there is no shortage of great images and ideas to help spark inspiration from. We often use social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram as references when helping our customers decide on new colors for their home.

Searching on social media a great tool because it gives you a visual of a finished product and often has the brand and exact colors they used as well.

If you were looking for a great excuse to jump on Pinterest, then this is it. Even better we have our own Pinterest account that you can check out for ideas.

Pro Painter Trick #3:

Consider The Style Of Your Home

When looking at your home for ideas take into account that each house is different. Every group of neighborhoods usually built in a different era which had its architectural styles.

Leveraging the time of when your home was built can help you gain a ton of ideas on what you want your home to look like with the new refresh.

Many times you can find manufacturers that create homes that like the time when your house was built, and they have a plethora of colors that work great with the home style.

Pro Painter Trick #4:

The Multi-Color Approach

Choose three or more different paint colors to work with. Essentially, an exterior scheme has three primary focus points: field tone, which dominates; accent color, gives the doors, shutters and other objects to life; and trim color, used on the window & door casings, roof edging, railings, etc.

When choosing the trim color should know that looks best when it contrasts strongly with the field color. A great example of this is If your main hue is dark, consider classic white trim or another pale shade.

Also using a light field color can look stunning with darker trim — When done well it produces a fresh, moving result.

Be creative and go bold with your accent colors, but don’t go too far overboard. A typical style is to paint your front door red because if done right it can add the right hit of punch. However, we would not recommend adding that to the shutters and gables.. don’t forget to take that into account.

There you have it our top four painter tricks to help our customers choose the right color for their home. If you have not reached out to us yet please do we are the top painters in the Denver Metro area and would love to help you bring your home new life.

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